Your Personal Tutor or Mentor

On the new "Internet Sales & Marketing" Course


Why You Need a Tutor

Your specially assigned College Tutor works with you during the course very much like your business mentor. There are many courses sold on the Internet about making money online, and thousands of eBooks. None of them, however, are able to help or guide you when things go wrong! You have to be able to turn failure into success, and this usually means turning to a professional for advice.

Your tutor has considerable business experience with hands-on knowledge of all aspects of selling on the World Wide Web. When you work through each Module and send your Assignment to your tutor, it is evaluated in detail and returned with valuable advice and guidance.


What you don’t get from eBooks and Websites

Many people find it hard to learn from text books with hundreds of pages that are often so boring they never even complete them! The biggest problem is that when you come to a section that you just don’t understand – and this can happen very early on – the book can’t help you. This is where you’re likely to just give up.

As a student of the “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course, you have constant access to your personal tutor. This enables you to ask questions and get sensible and workable answers with the minimum delay. Your tutor knows your business objectives, understands your level of Internet sales knowledge and experience, and is able to provide the best response.

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You Tutor works together with you until you Complete the Course

If you think back to your school or college days, you may recall that the subjects you liked and did best were those where your teacher had more empathy with students, and provided help and encouragement when you did not understand the topic. This is what you get on this course—a tutor who understands your problems and helps you solve them!

Tutors on the “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course have considerable experience in creating and developing their own Internet Sales Business. This gives them a great deal of empathy with their students who find parts of the course hard to understand. They give them the help, support, and advice to master each topic.

They will continue to work with you until you finish the Course, obtain your Diploma, and have published an online Website making sales.


Your Tutor’s Task

Every Tutor is instructed to guide each student enrolled in their Course to complete each Module and each Assignment until they graduate. They work hand-in-hand with you while you find the best product, create and publish a Website, and start making sales!

Their ultimate objective is your success with “Internet Sales & Marketing”.

There is something else you have on completion of the course, which most students rate as more important than your Course Diploma. That is at least one Website active online selling your selected products or services. And that is only the start, because the objective is to create and Internet Sales Business providing multiple passive income streams for the long term.

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