Your Course Guarantees

The "Internet Sales & Marketing" Course

A Secure Investment

Although the fees are tiny in comparison to the passive income you can earn from multiple income streams upon the completion of the course, your investment is fully protected a number of ways.

  • We do not accept students unless they have a reasonable chance of success, and if during the course we discover they do not have what it takes to run an Internet Sales Business, we refund their fees (see Terms)

  • Your tutor's main objective is to guide you with personal tuition into creating profitable Websites. It is like learning with an expert looking over your shoulder to ensure you're making the right decisions for business success

  • It is more than likely you will be making money from your Internet Sales Business well before completing the course

  • The course fees are very small, and you can even pay them in secure installments

  • You have the full protection of a money-back guarantee: See the illustration below and the Terms


Your College Guarantees


The Course Fees

Standard Plans

All the options offer a Secure Website and Credit Card protection.

Both of these Standard Plan options give you an immediate discount of 5%


You make a single payment of £297 for the full Course fees All Systems Go!




You make a deposit of £148.50 today, and the balance next month All Systems Go!



Monthly Plan

You make six monthly payments of £52.50 All Systems Go!


Instant Download of Orientation PackSections of the course material are available for immediate download upon receipt of your course fees, and your first Course Module will be made available on the Start Date of the Course, as shown above.

The Course Orientation Pack includes your first copy of the Course Switchboard, and you can use the active links to access further information and money-making ideas for your new business.

Your success is assured with Power College.

Making money from profitable Websites is not something that happens overnight, but if you have the right tools, training, and knowledge, you can be making money in a few short weeks. This Course gives you one-to-one tuition in setting up your own Websites and/or creating them for business clients.