Detailed Contents of the Course

Discover The Path from Failure to Success!

During this course, you learn how to make each of your Website pages a whirlpool of copy, images, ideas, and suggestions that suck the reader right down to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your targeted Website visitors are then encouraged, through various strategies and tactics, to take positive action and make a purchase, subscribe to your Newsletter, or download a free eBook. That is a brief summary and more detailed information on the contents of each module are below.

You will have heard the expression, “The second million is much easier than the first!” This is because the entrepreneur has gone through the learning curve, knows the mistakes to avoid, and makes the next fortune in a tenth of the time. You can benefit from this feature with the Internet Sales Business Course, avoiding the long learning curve, and avoiding the costly mistakes...


Module 1 – Get Started

The basics of Internet Sales & Marketing and working from home. Introduction to the Course. Debunking the myths and facing the realities of making money on the Internet. Understanding the fundamentals of Internet Sales & Marketing. The excitement of counting sales. Learn why online marketing now outsells traditional methods. Make a quick and easy start. It's simple to understand Internet dynamics. The steps to take before creating or looking for your ideal product. What is a hungry market? Finding hungry markets for specific products. The easy way to build a Website. Learning from the success of others. Access to real-time information. Understanding Website statistics. Nothing happens until somebody sells something! It’s a level playing field. How to double your profits. How to save time with macros. Why you need a fast Internet connection. Attending to the small details. Having a business-only computer. The use of file extraction software. Your business plan. Creating multiple income streams. Download a free-bonus eBook. Assignment – Your first step towards your Internet Sales Business.


Module 2 – Have the Right Product

The two main reasons why people search the Internet. The main advantages of marketing existing products. What type of product can you sell? Why it is often best to start with affiliate marketing. How to find popular products. The pros and cons of affiliate marketing. The Top 10 places to look for products & services to market. Where to look for products in the UK, USA, other areas. How to decide which products to sell. What to look for in an affiliate program. The best 9 questions to ask about affiliate programs. What kind of income you can expect? How much time must you Invest? Can it be an adjunct to selling your own product(s)? Affiliate Marketing Glossary. A typical affiliate Website. Your Website objective. You only have 10-seconds! Creating your Website pages. Download your free Website. Internet links you will need. Assignment – Your chosen product and your marketing ideas.


Module 3 – Create a Website for your Products

How to write the best copy for your Website. Provide the information your visitors seek. How to improve Your search engine page rank. Write as you would tell your mother! Tell, don’t sell. Where to find bestselling copy. A simple technique that will double your profits. Why most visitors won’t read your copy. How much copy on each Website page? The important Website features You See. The value of space 'above the fold'. How to write a great headline. Valuable headline copy writing techniques. Should you include a free offer. The secrets to successful navigation links. How to arrange your page layout. What your visitors do with your sub-headings. How to ensure the relevance of graphics & images. When to have long or short paragraphs. Why clichés can be good for you! The 4 best ways to provide proof & credibility. Those hidden Website features and their value to your Website. How to make the title of your pages attract visitors. How to test and verify the quality of tour titles. The 2 Types of sitemap for your Website. Assignment – Create a powerful sales page.


Module 4 – How to get Targeted Traffic and Build Lists

What exactly is targeted traffic? Which is the type of traffic you don’t want. How to define your targeted traffic. The best thing to interact with your visitor-traffic. The Top 5 ways of building lists of prospects and customers. The 10 best ways to get targeted traffic. The 5 key elements of Website-page images. The correct use of file and folder names on a Website. The easy way to create cost-per-click adverts. How to offer a relevant free gift. 3 ways to write & publish articles that increase traffic. How to submit your Website to directories, and which directories are best. 5 ways to get links to your Website. Article submission secrets. How to increase traffic with creative Blog comments. How to use your testimonials to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your Website. Do you need an RSS aggregate.  The best ways to use social media. 10 press release writing tips. How and when to create a Video marketing campaign. When you need a Blog on your Website, and how to create it. How to improve your Website for better traffic results. 120 online sources of targeted traffic you can use today. Internet links. Assignment – Describe your chosen methods of attracting targeted traffic.


Module 5 – Start to Develop Profitable Customer Relationships

How to use Relationship Marketing. The importance of CRM: Customer Relationship Management. Understanding relationship marketing for your Website. Using relationship marketing to attract new customers. What to do when you get that exciting first sale. Making initial customer contact. The philosophy of giving to get. How to improve relationships with existing customers. 8 tips for customer relationship videos. Technological requirements for making a video. How to sell with your video. How women use relationship marketing. What marketing tools do women use? The ways to use product recommendations to increase your bottom line. Why anchor text links are so important. Examples of anchor text. Creating your back links. Use relevance with every element on your Website pages. SEO and Blog relationships. 3 methods of storing and using lists. Newsletter Do’s and Don’ts. Internet links. Assignment – Outline your relationship program for turning prospects into customers.


Module 6 – Create the Best Offer

How to create the perfect offer. The 4 questions all buyers ask. An example of a great offer. How to establish your credibility with new prospects. 12 sales-creating features for your offer! The best direct response marketing methods. The 8 active components of the offer. How to advertise your offer. The 4 main categories of online advertisements. Various offers you can use to increase sales. How to create a good OTO: One Time Offer. How to offer an up-sell product. The small window of opportunity you may miss. Internet links. Assignment – Explain the process by which you create customers from your prospects.


Module 7 – Follow-up Marketing

Your 15-point pre-publication checklist. Why you must keep in touch with everybody on your lists. You need a great back-end, and what happens when you don't have one! Create quality products of high perceived value. Back end selling for affiliates. How to create a good sales funnel. 8 highly profitable back-end products you can easily create. How to develop back-end products. The fortune is in the follow-up. Follow-up marketing tools that work. Learn about Elmer’s 5 motivators. Internet links. Assignment - Describe in detail the various offers in your sales funnel that you plan to provide customers.


Module 8 – How to Replicate, Duplicate, and Proliferate!

The starting point with Google AdWords. Take care with your keyword matches: Broad Matches; Phrase Matches; Exact Matching; and Negative Matches. Always write an enticing advert. How to reduce the CPC: Cost Per Click. Profit from the content network of your search engine. How many Ad-Groups to start. How to use AdWords conversion tracker. Testing your adverts for the best CTR: Click Through Rate. A valuable advertising trade secret. How to gauge your results. How to optimise your Website. Replication is the name of the game. Start with the basics. The benefits of a 1-page Website. Create a 1-hour Ad-Group. Assignment - Write a brief summary of your niche product and the campaign results. Your Diploma. Your Online-Sales-Business is Go!.

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