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You do not need to have special skills or training to participate in our courses, because you are taken step-by-step through every aspect of each subject. When you read about the new Internet millionaires and their latest business coup, realise that only a year or two ago most of them knew very little about making money on the Internet. Every successful person was once a beginner selling one product on a simple Website!

From the start of the course you are given one-to-one personal support to ensure you have tuition in the areas you really need, or that interest you the most. This tuition is provided by tutors who are experienced on every facet of your chosen subject. Our job is to see that you and your tutor work together, developing your own exciting Internet Sales Business. You will find that like most of our students, you can be making money online well before you complete the course.


The "Internet Sales & Marketing" Course

There is a massive growth in sales of products and services of all types from both large and small Websites, and from large companies and individual people. This course shows you exactly how to start a new online business, or expand an existing one to create a large monthly income. The exciting part is that once you've set up the Website using the methods you learn on this course, your sales and profits are largely “passive income” each month.

You discover how to source the best products, learn whether to use drop-shipping services or wholesale direct, and where else to sell at a profit, apart from eBay.

You may wish to develop profitable Websites for yourself to market your own products and services, or to sell products as an affiliate or associate of another company; this course shows you how with one-to-one tuition every step of the way, continuing until you complete the course and beyond.

The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course is conducted by distance learning over the Internet. You can complete it from the comfort of home at your own pace. It provides you with the necessary information and personal tuition to develop profitable Websites. Upon completion you receive a Diploma in “Professional Internet Sales & Marketing” Click here to continue reading...


The "Professional Writing & Publishing" Course

They say everybody has a book inside them and this course shows you how to write and publish that book for both the Internet with electronic versions and for the retail book trade with hard-copy printed versions.

This comprehensive course covers fiction and non-fiction writing with the emphasis on writing and creating a book as an information product, which is published as an eBook or other digital format. It can then be distributed through multiple Websites across the Internet. There is a tremendous demand for this type of product, almost since the days of the very first printing press hundreds of years ago, and with the development of the Internet, this demand is growing exponentially each day.

Discover the niche markets, hungry for your new book, and learn the easy and quick way to create a Website to market your eBooks and fulfil that demand. Complete the short form below for full information on this course.



The "Creative Website Development" Course

You can have your first Website up-and-running in no time, and better still, you learn exactly how to turn your designs into profitable templates you can repeat many times with new Websites. There is also a massive, rapidly growing, worldwide market of unprofitable and undeveloped Websites requiring the expert attention of professional Website designers.

Discover the how to find and register the best domain names for your Websites. Learn the ideal place to host your various Websites, and how to save money on hosting while getting full benefit of all the extra features you may need. This “Creative Website Development” course has all the information a complete beginner needs to create successful Websites, as well as all the detailed information you need on SEO, Forms, Forums, Auto-Responders, Audio, Video, Flash presentations and much more!

You learn how to optimise simple HTML pages with a good title, description, keyword phrases, headings, page copy, footers, sidebars, images, graphics, and many more items to improve your visitor's experience. You copy must lead them from your compelling headline down the page and right to the stage where they take positive action.

You can now take part in the rapid explosion of the Internet—with Forrester forecasting online sales in Europe rising to over €100-billion a year, and the USA over $250-billion a year by 2014—and grab your share of the profits with one of our new courses.

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Improving the Bottom Line

All the courses on this Website are designed to encourage the student to keep in mind at all times that whatever their objective when registering for a course, the only thing that matters at the end of the year is the bottom line—the net profit you generate!

These are all high-powered courses for beginners and experts alike, taking you through every stage from your basic idea to publishing a completed product, whether it is a work of fiction, a Website, a 'How to' eBook, or simply marketing products as an affiliate. The college and your tutor are with you every step of the way.

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Annabelle Knight
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PS You can complete any course at your own pace from home through distance learning via the Internet.